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EzyDog Dog Harness - Now Go and Play!Dog harnesses from EzyDog provide your dog with a safety restraint that keeps them comfortable and stylish no matter where you are. A dog harness from EzyDog is the perfect addition to a day in the park, a jog on the trails, or even a short jaunt through town. Wherever you decide to go with your pooch, an EzyDog harness is the best way to ensure that your puppy stays out of harm’s way, and isn’t being dragged along by an uncomfortable restraint.

When Is The Perfect Time To Use A Harness for Your Dog?

Are you training your puppy to not pull as you walk side by side? Or do you have a strong pooch that needs an extra restraint, but you hate the idea of an uncomfortable collar? And are you looking for a stylish accessory to make sure your dog looks great when you leave the house? Any of these needs can be easily met with a brand new harness from EzyDog. All of our harnesses are designed specifically to be comfortable for all breeds of dog, and to add an extra measure of safety for your favorite pooch. And each product is made from durable materials that will last you for years to come.

Why Are EzyDog Harnesses The Perfect Match For Your Pooch?

EzyDog harnesses utilize a variety of factors to ensure a perfect match for large dog, small dog and is used by new dog owners as the number one puppy harness. Each one of our harnesses for puppies and dogs is:

  • A PERFECT FIT – you don’t need to worry about the product cinching too tightly around your dog’s chest, or slipping off your puppy alongside of a busy road. Our harnesses for puppies and dogs are designed to fit snugly yet comfortably around your pooch for a safe restraint.
  • SIMPLE – need to know how to put on the best dog harness? Don’t worry – EzyDog harnesses are designed with simplicity in mind, so that you won’t struggle for 15 minutes before heading out on a short walk around the neighborhood.
  • ADJUSTABLE – are you worried that your dog might be too big or too small for any of our harnesses? Let us put your mind at ease – our safety restraints are fully adjustable and can be worn by pooches of all sizes.
  • COLORFUL – as dog owners, we want our puppies to look great when we leave the house. With this in mind, we designed colorful restraints for a flair of fashion.
  • COMFORTABLE – we hate seeing dogs struggle painfully against the collars wrapped around their necks, which is why we chose to create a line of safety restraints that can protect your pooch without hurting them at all.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT – don’t let your pooch be dragged down by a heavy collar or safety restraint. All of our harnesses are light and won’t burden your pooch at all.
  • CLEAN – a dirty collar or harness is downright disgusting. Opt for one of the harnesses for EzyDog for a clean alternative to your traditional restraint.
  • FUN – most importantly, a safety harness from EzyDog is extremely fun, for both you and your pooch.
  • TOP RATED – can’t decide on which harness to purchase for your pooch? Which harness is right for you? Read what other are saying about our top rated dog harnesses and line of dog accessories.

At EzyDog, we have a variety of harnesses that may be able to match your individual needs.

EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness PinkEzyDog Is Your Source For The Best Dog Harness Products:

  • Chest Plate Harness, a simple, adjustable, and super comfortable harness that won’t chafe your pooch;
  • QuickFit Harness, a comfortable harness that will give you full control of your puppy as you teach them new cues, train for flyball and other training activities;
  • Convert Harness, a rugged harness designed for puppies that have an active lifestyle;
  • Convert Saddle Bags, which can modify the Convert Harness and turn it into a dog backpack; and
  • Convert Custom Side Badges, customize the Convert Saddle Bags with a word or phrase that best fits the pooch in your life.
  • Seat Belt Restraint, receive a FREE seat belt restraint when you purchase your harness from EzyDog
  • CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint, safety first, did you know that new state laws require dogs to be properly restrained while riding in your vehicle?

Partner any EzyDog harness with our Seat Belt Restraint or CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint and now you have a functional dog car harness! Each EzyDog harness comes in a variety of size options – our extra small and small dog harness are a perfect match for puppies and teacups, while our medium, large and extra large fit comfortable and restrain the strongest dogs. With a our line of training dog leashes, adjustable leashes, and our innovative shock absorbing dog leash you will always have comfort and control of your pooch.

It’s Time to Choose Your Ergonomic Harness From EzyDog

As dog owners, we only want the best for our furry friends. Don’t trust your pooches safety and comfort with an average harness – instead, trust EzyDog USA. We manufacture harnesses and other dog products to keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Now Go and Play!

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